I'm not a cookie cutter wife or mom. I make mistakes, but I try to learn from them. I'm not perfect, but I love my life...and isn't that everything?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A whole lotta TV

I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy lately. I love it. I watch it whenever I can - folding laundry, during baby naps, late at night. I'm DVRing the current season but I don't think I'll know what's going on. lol.

J & I love TV. So, so does S. We try to limit his TV time, but the boy loves it. I'm still confident that he watches less than other kiddos his age. Our TV is not on 24-7 and we make a point to turn it off often. (This is not what this post was intended to be, btw). And we are in complete control of what he watches. We're strict w ratings.

J & I love Harry's Law, The Biggest Loser, How I Met Your Mother. I love Parenthood and am bummed that Brothers & Sisters was cancelled. We just started giving the new ones PanAm, The Playboy Club and Whitney a try. Not too bad so far. Oldies we like are the classics - M*A*S*H, and The Cosby Show. I love Gilmore Girls.

That's a whole lotta TV.