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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The toilet

My life is spent in front of the toilet. Okay, not really, but with a potty training/trained toddler in the sure feels like it! Constant "I gotta go potty/peepee/poopoo!" with a huge sense of urgency is the catalyst for a race to the toilet, only to beat the toddler there and end up saying, "COME ON! If you gotta go get in here!" because he has inevitably been distracted by something shiny. Or furry. Or with wheels. Or a snack. Or an injustice doled out by the big brother. Or Mickey Mouse. So, we get there and pull off the required clothing...or more than the required clothing. And we sit and wait and hum a song or poke the toilet paper or try to flush the toilet backwards. Aaaand after the main event, get redressed, which I may as well try to dress the a snowstorm...with a bowl of tuna in front of her. I'd get the same results. And we're off and running. Only to hear shortly thereafter, "I GOTTA GO!" I have become very acquainted with our bathroom floor and bathmat. I can say my toilet base, floor and baseboards have never been cleaner as I take the opportunity to give them a swipe when I'm down there. Carpe diem right?

*sigh* BUT we are well on our way to being a respectful part of society that uses the restroom and not our pants and so...isn't that everything? ;-)

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