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Monday, July 7, 2014


Well, time to redo the deck again! Hurray! 

This will be a multi-part post.

Let's start with the befores:

From one corner to the other
From the steps looking up and across

Soooo yeah. If you read the Deck Rug post, you know what our deck looks like, saw the "rug" and our furniture as well. Not much has changed. The deck here is freshly powerwashed and cleaned. I went over to Pinterest for inspiration and liked decks that had a dark top and posts. Similar to this one. I realize in this one the posts and spindles are reversed than what I ended up doing. Like I said, work in progress...

So, I took a quick inventory of paint we had. I am unconventional in that I just use what is around. I don't go shop for special paint or stain, etc. I figure if I'm going to change it up every few years anyway then may as well use what I have. I realize others want it to last. Anywho... the darkest color I have is a navy blue. So away I went. 

Painted spindles with a deck white stain (had it) and went to town on the rails and posts with navy blue. 3 coats, the 2nd two applied with a 3" sponge roller.

Now looks like...

Yes these pics were at night. It was like 10pm by the time I finished this part. Also realize in these pics the deck does not look powerwashed. Yay. It was. Twice. I swear. So, you can see how crisp the white the looks. I love the contrast of the navy. Our son was working the hay trailer all day and came home and told me he loved the difference of the white and dark and that it was "cute". ;-) Boys. So...the deck "floor" will be a chevron. Soon to come after a series of 3 days of storms predicted. Stay tuned!

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