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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love or use?

Stole this quote and modified it a bit...‎
People were created to be loved while things were created to be used. The problem with the world today is that things are being loved and people are being used.

Love people, not things. Use things, not people.

How incredibly true...and sad. Why do we live like this? Some ppl might blame lack of religion and therefore "good" focus. Some might blame family units and how they've changed (awful and a topic for another time). Some might blame Hollywood, celebs and athletes. I blame it all. Though I believe everyone has the ability to be good, it is easier for most to be "bad". It's easier to fall into the wants than to be satisfied with the needs.

What, I mean who, do you love?
But go back to the what do you love question and answer it. And do you value those things more than the "whos"? I have to shamefacedly admit, some, I do. And now that my attention has been brought to it, I'm going to work to change it. There is absolutely no one more important in my life than God, J, S and C (and extended family of course). I need to work on making sure that everyday, I make them feel loved and not used.

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